Limit Quiz Attempts

I am trying to create a quiz wherein I want users to have 2 attempts at the end of the quiz. After 2nd attempt either the Retry Quiz button should be disabled or hidden. I read a blog that explain how to do this (

But even after following all the steps, I am not able to limit the number of retries through the Retry Quiz button at the end of the quiz on Results slide. Can anyone please help?

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Reecha Singh

Hi Wendy. Attached is the .story file. I have added a variable called "attempt" and put the value "0" as default. Then on the Result slide, I added 2 triggers: one for Retry button and another for result slide (attached the screenshots for both triggers). 

Not sure where I am doing wrong. But when I preview the quiz, I am not able to limit the quiz to 1 try. 

Thanks in advance for helping me. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Reecha - thanks for sharing the file and allowing us to take a look.

Looks like trigger order was the culprit here:

You had the user going to another slide, so the last trigger was never utilized.

I moved this trigger up in the list so that it would increment as expected.

Your disabled state, while not able to be clicked, looked a lot like the normal state, so I updated that as well for you to take a peek.

Your updated file is attached.