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I am a newbie and have a simple course that I am trying to limit the test attempts to 2.  I have put a trigger on each question to adjust the variable +1 when they click the submit button.  I read on one of the discussion boards to have the player set to never resume so it starts on the first page and I thought the post indicated it would still save the variable settings but it is not saving the variables so they are getting unlimited times to take the test.  I am hoping it is just a simple step I am missing :-)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Susan - Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a peek. I do have a question as to why you chose to not utilize the built-in Attempts on your question and wanted to utilize variables?

I think that would help me understand what you are looking for a bit better. Perhaps you are trying to control the actual attempts vs just the active session?

Looks like your slides are set to Reset to initial state as well, so did you mean to have the course set to Always Resume so that the user picks up where they left off? I, of course, am not sure what thread you read - but would be happy to take a peek at that as well.

Susan Riedemann

Thanks for replying. What I am wanting is if they attempt to take the test two times and do not pass it, they will be blocked from attempting to take it a 3rd time. If I change the test attempts to 2 for each question – that just changes it for the current session doesn’t it? I am wanting it to remember that they had failed the test 2 days ago and are taking it again today and if they fail it today, I don’t want them to be allowed to come in in a week and attempt to pass it for the 3rd time.

Does that make sense?


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Susan - first of all, please note that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.

Secondly, thanks for the explanation and I would utilize the Results Slide to handle the variable count to control this. I did misunderstand the first time :)

Here is my published output which resumes as expected and still limits attempts:

Your updated file is attached as well. Please take note of the failure layer on the results slide as I may have mixed that up because I didn't notice the warnings/message until post-publish.