Limit to # of layers?

Jul 14, 2013

Is there a limit to the number of layers that can exist in a slide?

I have a slide with 23 hover layers and 23 other layers.

The second set of 23 layers has audio and some of them have video too.

Storyline keeps crashing.



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Beth Worthy

Phil Mayor said:

I had a slide with over 140 layers, most of those being videos, I know of others who have had a greater number without videos.

I built mine to see how far it could be pushed it may be better for you to spilt the slide.

It may not be storyline that is the problem but the resources on your machine.

Hi Liz,

Phil is right. It must be your computer resources problem. Check your hardware configuration.

Liz Levine

I'm attaching a copy of the Windows Event Viewer, which recorded one of the application crashes.

I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, 64-bit OS with 8GB of Memory.

I'm running a dual processor @ 2.30 GHz.

Is there any particular hardware configuration setting that you think I should check?

thanks for any help you can provide.


Liz Levine

The crashes occur as I'm replacing audio in these layers.

I add an new audio file and save the project.

Then, I resynch the objects with the audio

Then, delete the original audio file and then I play the animation.

Many times the application when I try to play timeline.

When I go to add a trigger to play the audio file when the timeline starts, I still see the audio file that I deleted!

Maybe this is the problem.

The problem is still trying to reference a pointer to an object that I deleted?

This seems to be relevant to the attached event log.

What do you think?


Dave Jones

Hi Phil,

We have been looking at Articulate as a solution for a project to develop a piece of screen capture based elearning. We have split our videos (MP4) into multiple video files in order to be able to navigate backwards and forwards through them in a slide layer. The cumulative size of the videos should be no more than about 20mb, in general they are a couple of minutes in length - chopped down into chunks of a few seconds. The number of slide layers is between 20 and 30 (in general). We have an issue in that the loading of these slides, when published, causes a big spike in browser memory (from 150mb to 1.1gb) and causes the browser to crash. From what we have read in regards other community members using many more layers and lots more video, we cannot work out what is going on. We have also looked at how articulate preloads content and it doesn't seem to make any sense with what is happening? It would be wonderful if you could shed some light on this for us...

Thanks, Dave.

Dave Jones

Hi Crystal,

In IE and Chrome and on multiple machines. I did some debugging in IE and the slide immediately demands about 900mb of processing memory. We tried a work around, splitting the videos from the slide layers onto separate scenes and this reduced the issue to between 150mb - 450mb, which still seems high. I have a zip with the original file and the work around ready. Do I just attached it using the 'Add Attachment' button?

Thanks, Dave.


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