Limit to width of branched scenario?

May 08, 2014

I am building an extensive branched scenario.  It's fairly wide and I'm finding that when I add triggers to an outer branch, it will not allow different slides be landing slides.  When I add another trigger to a different landing slide, it changes all the landing slides to be the same as the new one.  I can create a new scene for a branch or two if need be but I'm wondering if there is a limit to the width of a scene.  Is there?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dorothy,

There isn't a maximum for the width of scenes or amount of slides, as far as I'm aware.

There's some additional information in this thread:

Maximum Slides - E-Learning Heroes

As they mention in the thread above, it really comes down to what your machine can handle when modifying your project. Depending on your machine, larger projects may impact the performance. 

Best of luck on the project!

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