Limit triggering of motion path in Storyline 2 to a single instance.

Jul 04, 2016

Hi everyone,

I have an issue that I can't seem to resolve and I'm not sure if I'm missing something or whether Storyline simply can't do what I need it to do.

I have a slide where the learner can click on four hotspots. Each of these triggers a motion path where an object moves into a specific location and a layer is then shown with some supporting text. However, if the learner clicks the same button again, the motion path animation retriggers and moves from the original origin point to the end point. What I want to achieve is having the animated object locked after it has been triggered once and moved into position. However, I want the hotspot to remain active so it displays the text layer whenever it is clicked.

Put simply, can I prevent the retriggering of a motion path animation and limit it to just the first instance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached example. It shows two options to do this. Option#1 uses a variable that starts out as False and is set to true when the motion path completes.

Instead of a hotspot, Options#2 uses a state on the clickable object. Once the motionpath completes,the state of the object is set to Disable, making it unclickable.

Rob Puricelli

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the speedy response! Much appreciated.

I figured the variable route would be the one I'd have to go down, but I think there should be a built in option within the Motion Path options that allows you to restrict the number of times a path can be triggered. I'll submit a feature request :-)

Thank you again!