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Simon Perkins

You need to consider a couple of things;

  1. the type (and amount) of content you'll be building
  2. would it be better breaking it down into multiple modules (individual SCORMs) to aid more accurate LMS 

A cleverly put together course containing 200 slides, neatly set out and made easily navigable could be comparatively straight-forward to build AND provide a good experience for the learner.  But a poorly put together course of the same number of slides with all kinds of bloated media/content and poor navigation could be slow and cumbersome to build AND provide a less than comfortable experience for the learner.

Even with the first example above, sometimes it's best to divvy the content up into multiple SCORMs as this can make it easier for the learner to digest AND admins/managers to report on.

Remember, it's not just about us as IDs/developers ... it's about the end-product and what it achieves and how it achieves it.

A lower PC spec can also bring about limitations working with lots of media, especially big images.  Navigating from slide to slide and scene to scene can slow down too.  

Ake Wall

Thanks for the quick response.

We are still in the script phase. So I'm considering the possibility to divide the course into several storyline courses. Do not know yet how to solve it in a good way yet. 

How much of the course must be downloaded before it starts?

If it's the full course I definitely should make several smaller courses.