Limited access to CD version of training

Jan 27, 2021

I have a client that is likely to request "stand-alone" versions of the training material on CD / USB. We are rightly concerned that they may use the material for unintended purposes but there is a need to deal with internet access issues.

We are looking for ways to either limit the number of times the training can be accessed or to time-expire the material on the USB.

For the latter, I am wondering whether it's possible to use javascript to compare today's date with a preset date and divert the user to a screen displaying an expiry message if the current date has passed the pre-set date.

Are there any suggestions or solutions others have used that work?

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Jeff Forrer

Matthew Bibby, a SL Hero who can figure out many things posted this solution awhile back.

I believe this may suggest delivery on an LMS.  I do know it is tricky to do as the user can change their system date on their computer temporarily to an older date to bypass some solutions.  

Good luck.