Limited number of quiz attempts and reset to initial state: can't get them to work together

Sep 28, 2015


I have several drag and drop activities, where I'd like to reset the tiles back to their initial state if the user gets it wrong, but also limit the number of attempts. For some reason I can't get this exact behavior to work.

I set the slide to "reset to initial" when revisited, and added a trigger in the "try again" layer to restart the slide. This works great in case I want unlimited attempts, so the learner cannot advance till they get it right.

However, if I want to give them only two attempts AND have the tiles reset to initial after the first failed attempt, I can't get it to work:

 If I  remove the "jump to slide" trigger from the "try again" layer,  then the slide isn't reset to initial after the first failed attempt, because the layer is simply hidden. If I leave this trigger on,  then the slide is restarted over and over, regardless of my setting number of attempts to 2. 

I tried adding a condition in the "try again" layer, didn't work either.

What am I doing wrong?



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Maya Yifat

ADDING: Found this screenr that shows exactly what I need to do, but I still can't get it to work, when I follow the instructions I still get unlimited attempts (I'm aiming for 2 attempts)

Here's what I did:

 - Created a TryQuiz variable

 - Slide is set to reset to initial

 - Triggers in Try again layer, in this order:

Adjust TryQuiz variable by +1 when try again button clicked

Jump back to this slide when try again button is clicked

Show layer incorrect when timeline starts, on condition that TryQuiz variable is greater than or equal to 1.

The automatically added "hide this layer" trigger is still there, as the video didn't say anything about removing it.

As I said, this combination still gives me unlimited attempts.

Help appreciated!





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