Limited quiz question types from Library

Oct 29, 2018

I would like to use some of the pretty Quiz templates from the Library, but... There are 11 quiz question types in the "built-in" or generic category--but the Library quiz questions only offer 3 or 4 question types each. If I mix Library questions with built-in questions, I'll have some serious style continuity issues, especially on feedback slides.

Am I missing something, or are the Library quiz questions actually that limited?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Charles!

While there isn't a Content Library template for every quiz question type, you can easily apply the same design elements from one question to another. 

For example, say you need a multiple response question, but the Content Library only has a template for a multiple choice question.

In that scenario, you would build the multiple response question on a basic slide with a white background. Then, apply the same formatting and copy/paste the slide objects from the multiple choice question to the multiple response question. 

I'd love to make a demo for you to show you how it's done! What Content Library template are you using, and what kind of question slide do you need?

Carlito Tomas

Wow, thank you Crystal! I'm really good at Storyline, and I often work with PowerPoint slide masters, and yet I don't think I would've figured that out on my own. I kept getting tripped up by the layout not being applied to feedback slides along with the main slide.

This is some seriously professional support. Loved the Peek video. Thanks for making my day!

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