Limiting access to a slide until other slides are viewed

Oct 17, 2014

I have a final set up "agreement slides" on my Storyline presentation.  The overall program is basically a 'read me' that my management team wants, with a final two slides that indicate agreement to what was read. They don't want the user to be able to access the agreement slides until they have viewed all of the  other slides.  I set up a Table of contents slide with image states to check off once each section within the presentation hse been viewed. I'm thinking it's a trigger, but I'm not sure how to 'tell' Storyline to not display the button that opens that set of slides untill all the other sections have been viewed.

Can someone help?  I've tried a few things and it doesn't seem to make the image 'unclickable' or unavailble, so I'm guessing I'm missing a step.

thanks to all. 

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Terri Merrill


Thank you... here's what I've done... I think I'm missing a step...

1. Created a t/f variable - Name - LimitAccess / Value=True

2. Then I created a trigger linked to the agreement sections access button at the TOC.

  The trigger is created as...

  Action: Adjust Variable

  Variable: LimitAccess

  Operator: = Assignment

  Value: Variable / LimitAccess

  When: State

  On: All of / I checked all the buttons on the TOC

         Are: Completed (customer state each button has for when the section has been reviewed.

I just don't think I have a "then" statement... such as - then display the Agreement Button for access to the section or then allow the agree button to be active... not sure.

What am I missing?

Thanks for your help David, I do appreciate it : )


Emily Ruby

Hello Terri!

I took a look at the file.

There is a simpler solution tha may work for you, where you dont need to use all those variables.

You can give each item (the ovals) a selected state. The you can set up the agreement oval to jump to the Agreement page on condition that all the other 12 oval are in selected state.

Attached is a file. I only added the first 2 intro buttons as conditions for now, but you will see that you cannot jump to the Agreement slide until both the Attend intro and Attend content buttons have been selected.

Hope this helps!

Emily Ruby

Hello Terri!

In order for the method I shared to work, the buttons would need to have the built in Selected State assigned to them.

I have updated this for you to see  in the example attached. The conditions you added remained the same, and the agreement button is disabled until the user clicks all of the other buttons.

Hope this helps!

Carmen Akerlund

HI DAvid, I hope you can help me. I have a lesson that has 4 sections and a final exam. All sections are accessible from a "home menu" only. I would like to keep the final exam button hidden until all slides have been viewed.  There are 128 slides that need to be viewed before they are allowed into the final exam. I created a variable and called it slideviews. I made it a numeric variable with a default value of 0. then I added the variable to each slide and told it to increase the count by 1 when the timeline ends. I have two states on the Exam Button Normal and hidden. I want to create a trigger that changes the state of the Exam Button to Normal when the slideviews variable equals 128, but can't seem to figure out how to do that. Can you help? 

david mckisick

Hi Carmen. That's a rather large course you have there! I would avoid using numeric variables as counters like that because they have issues. For example, what if someone somehow views the same slide twice? Then your count will be off by one, and so on. Instead, I think I might try using a T/F variable for each section, and set that variable to T on the last slide of each section when the timeline for it starts. That way you can track per section and ensure that users view each before moving on. Your "landing page" slide is where you will set your control for enabling that test button via conditional trigger. First, set your test button to Hidden by default, and then setup your trigger on it as follows:  "Change the state of the Test button to Normal IF variable1=T, AND variable2=T, AND variable3=T, AND variable4=T". This is where variable1-4 are your section variables.

So basically, this way you set each section variable as "gatekeepers", and your landing page test button trigger will be  your control. This way you can also do some interesting things with your section buttons, such as setting them to "Visited" state after each has been completed, tracked by those same section variables.

Carmen Akerlund

Hi David,

I am not sure what I should select in these two fields:
This is my Landing page trigger. I’ve created 6 T/F variables for each of the sections.
Is this correct for the when? If so, I left it unassigned because I can’t select all six. That’s in the conditions.
If this is not what I should put for the “when” can you help me out with some guidance? Thank again

I've attached the file below

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carmen! It looks as though you may be responding via e-mail to the forums. That causes two things to happen:

  1. The files you are sharing are not coming through. 
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You can remedy both of these by working directly in the forums. You can edit your previous post to remove your signature if needed and utilize the Add Attachment feature in the reply to attach your project.

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