Limiting # Attempts in Storyline Quiz


I have been trying to limit the # of attempts in a Storyline quiz I am creating.  I have followed these instructions 

The "Retry Quiz" button never disables and I can take the quiz as many times as I want.  I have recreated this several times to see if I have been making an error somewhere.

Any help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsay,

Without seeing your .story file - it's hard to know why it isn't working, but with the set up in that tutorial, the really crucial part is the trigger order, and that the variable is being adjust before the user is "jumped to X slide" as if that trigger appears first, the variable adjustment will not occur. As Bobbi mentioned, you could also use the "when timeline starts" on the results slide as an alternative.

If you're still having difficulty, please feel free to let us know and if you could share a section of your .story file (results slide and one question should work) we'll be happy to take a look.