Limiting drag-and-drop attempts

In Storyline 2 I've created a drag-and-drop slide: drag the scrambled answers on the left into the correct order of rectangles on the right and hit Submit. Incorrect result gets a "Try Again" response. In Form View I've limited it to three attempts. After third failed attempt I want to give "Incorrect" response and take user to next slide using "Next" button. Right now I'm not able to limit "Try Again" to the first two tries; "Try Again" response keeps coming up, even after the third failed attempt.  How do I get the third failed attempt to deliver the "Incorrect" response? I have no desire to score the results of this exercise.

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Walt Hamilton

These two triggers are the problem:

Restarting the slide resets the attempt count, so the user is always making their first attempt.

The second one shows the Try Again layer when the Try Again layer shows. Probably doesn't need that much redundancy.

Delete these two triggers, and all will be well.

Then on the incorrect layer, the button needs a target.

Walt Hamilton

You can set the objects to return to starting point if dropped outside a correct drop target and/or give them Drop Incorrect and Crop Incorrect states. That would require setting the feedback to immediate.

You may have good reasons for wanting to return them, but I know as a user starting over without seeing what I did previously can be discouraging, especially if I know I have most of them right, and maybe a couple switched. I really hate to start over. Allowing only one object per target makes it easier for the user to switch them.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

The drag and drop doesn't reset by default, for reasons connected to Walt's rationale, but it has been something other forums users have been able to accomplish.  You'll need to track a variable for your attempts on the try again layer. There are a few different examples of how to do this - and this is just the first thread I came across in my search.