Limiting "outside hotspot" area to a specific region of slide

Jul 25, 2014

Is there a way to limit area in a slide is that is considered to be "outside hotspot" to a specific part of the slide?

For example, I have a picture of a USA Map in a slide, with a hotspot drawn around one of the states in the map representing the "correct" click. If the user clicks anywhere else on the slide it brings up the "incorrect layer"---as it normally should,---EXCEPT it also considers clicking on any of my custom navigation buttons that are on the Master Slide (Prev/Next, Exit) to be "outside hotspot" and will not allow those buttons actions to take priority.

I noticed it DOES let the default navigation buttons/areas above and below the slide be clicked without activating the "outside hotspot" trigger---so I'd to know how to make that happen for any custom button or object placed on the slide itself.

If I could limit the area considered to be "outside hotbox" to anything within the Map Picture other than the hotspot, that would solve it, since my custom buttons are all to the right or below the map picture.

My goal is to be able to make any custom button or object trigger have priority over the "outside hotspot" trigger.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Ray,

The answer for this is to place your navigation objects on a layer of the Master Slide, not the base. This is because objects on a regular slide take precedence (i.e. appear on top) of objects on the base layer of the Master. The actual order goes like this :

  • Regular Slide Layers first, over
  • Master Slide Layers, over
  • Regular Slide Base Layers, over
  • Master Slide Base Layers

So you need to place your navi objects on a layer above the Regular Slide base layer (which is where you hotspot or hotspots lie).

Have a look at the attached story I made for you that does just that.

Hope this helps,

Meryem M

Even without using the Master slide, this can be accomplished with the trigger wizard. The trigger wizard for "clicks outside" lists all the objects on the slide. So your trigger can say:

Show layer ->Incorrect Layer, when user clicks outside (hotspot, Custom Next button, Custom previous button).

You can choose multiple objects on the slide to be included in this trigger.

Adam Crespi

Posting in case someone else needs help on this like I did:

There isn't a masking feature for Hotspots like I'd mask using an alpha channel or similar. Hence, I put my custom Submit button on a new layer, turning off Next, Prev, and Submit on the Base layer. Then I added a trigger on the Base to show the new layer on timeline start, and set the new layer to not hide the base. Finally, I added a trigger with submit interaction on the custom Submit button on my new layer. Hotspot dilemma averted! Thanks to Melissa Milloway for help on this.


Eric P

Hi all,

I've tried appl,ying some of these solutions to my current project but they all have issues I can't seem to fix.

For example to layer option where it starts at timeline is great, as my marker shows up and can be clicked on but if the user gets something wrong the try again layer pops up, knocks away the marker layer and doesnt come back as its set to 'when timeline starts'

Ive also tried working on the master slide making a layer as suggested but the marker isnt showing up (so its covered by the regular slides?) but I can't see how to get it to show up.

Any ideas?

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