Limiting Quiz Attempts

I have created a certification exam and am trying to make it so that the user only gets one attempt to take the exam. I have the exam created and have unchecked the "Allow user to retry quiz" box, so there is no "Retry Quiz" button. The issue I'm having is that in my learning management system the user could just close out of the exam and re-launch it to start over. The LMS admin says this is a setting I need to make in Storyline that will prevent the course from being re-launched and that it is not a setting in the LMS. I'm just trying to figure it out, seems to me there should be an option in the LMS to only allow a user one chance to take the exam. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance 

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Steve McAneney

Hi Kathryn.

First, have a look at your overall resume settings and confirm that they are all in order for your objective.

Also, do some testing to check if NEW attempts of the quiz are stored on the LMS. With my LMS, only the first attempt of the quiz is stored when the user has been prohibited from retrying. Subsequent attempts are recorded by the LMS, but only the first one is actually applied to the pass/fail status of the course.

I don't know how to prevent the quiz from appearing at all on subsequent attempts though, sorry.

Hope this helps.