Limiting Quiz Attempts

Mar 06, 2017

Hi E-Learning Heroes community.

I'm trying to limit the quiz attempts on an assessment to 3 (the initial attempt plus 2 retake attempts). I have followed the instructions in this tutorial: but my retake quiz button will not disable. I have 1) checked Allow User to Retry Quiz in the Results Slide Properties 2) added a variable as instructed and 3) added a trigger to the retry quiz button to add a value of 1 to the attempts variable and 4) added a slide trigger to the results slide to change the retry button to Disabled. But I must be missing something since it lets me take the assessment unlimited # of times. Perhaps another set of eyes will see what I'm apparently not seeing! As always your help is appreciated. I've attached a copy of the assessment story file.

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Ali Goulet

Hey there Darlene!

Thanks so much for reaching out here and sharing your file. You did a wonderful job setting everything up, no steps missed! The only thing that's interfering with this and causing the retry button not to disable has to do with trigger order. I moved the "Add 1 to Attempts" trigger to the top of the Retry Quiz Button triggers, and all seems to function well now. Take a quick peek at this screenshot for reference:


I've also attached your file here that I've made this change to. Good luck with the rest of your project, and please let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist! :) 

Ali Goulet

Hi Michael!

Thanks for popping in here and sharing your file, as well! For yours, I moved your "Change State of Retry Quiz to Disabled" trigger up to be directly under the "Add 1 attempts" trigger. All seems to be working now! Check out this screenshot for reference:

I've also attached your edited file here for you. Please let me know if you have any further questions! :) 

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