Limiting Quiz Attempts to 1

Jun 26, 2017

It is required that I set attempts for the on-line quizzes to ONE attempt total.  I have tried the following in Articulate Storyline 2

1.  Unchecking the box Allow user to retry quiz in the Option tab in the Result Slide Properties.      The learner was still allowed to retake the quiz whether they passed or failed in our LMS.

2.  I followed all the directions  in this link from David Fair : .    The learner was still allowed to retake the quiz whether they passed or failed in our LMS. 

Like I mentioned earlier, whether the learner passes or fails, the learner is able to relaunch the exam.  The message will state You have 1 attempt(s) to complete this compenent.  You have attempted 0 time(s) to date.

 Is there any other steps I'm leaving out?  I'm using SCORM 2004 compliancy and also limiting the attempts to take the quiz in our LMS to 1 attempt. 

Please help.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vanessa! Glad you reached out. 😊

Limiting quiz attempts in Storyline only limits the number of times the learner can take the quiz in one session. If they close the course and re-open it in the LMS, they may be able to take the quiz again. Do your learners see a prompt to resume when they re-open the course?

It sounds like you need a setting that will lock the course in the LMS once the learner has received pass or fail status. That can be set up within your LMS settings. Which LMS are you using? Hopefully other folks who use the same one can point you in the right direction!

Vanessa Robles

Hi Alyssa.  Thank you for the clarification.  I had my player setting set to Never Resume.  Found out I had to change to Always resume.  When I changed it to Always Resume, the following happens:

If learner passes:  If the learner tries to relaunch the exam, it goes directly to the result slide. 

If learner fails: If the learner tries to relaunch the exam It still pops up that zero attempts have been made in the LMS but it goes directly to the result slide.   I have someone on the LMS side trying to figure out the LMS portion.  

Thank you again for the info.



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