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Brian Allen

Hello Jill,

Here is a tutorial for limiting your quiz attempts in Storyline - http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/limiting-quiz-attempts.aspx

Although I will say that we usually control number of attempts via the LMS, rather than hard coding it into the content.  Makes it easier for our LMS admin to open a quiz up for a user when needed, etc.

Hope this helps!

Jill Blaser

Thanks, Brian.

I have seen this tutorial, but it's just a little bit different than what I'm trying to do.

My first choice was to limit the course retakes in the LMS, but they said that wasn't an option. So that leaves me to figure out how to make it work in Storyline.

I don't have the Retake Quiz button on my Results slide because the user is only allowed one chance for this course. I made a second scene in the course that is essentially just a message to let them know they have already accessed the course one time. I thought I could put a trigger on the Results slide to +1 to the variable (that I named Count). Then I set a condition on the first slide that said if Count=1, the course should jump to the second scene that would tell them they have no attempts left. It SEEMS like it should work, but it's not. I'm sure I'm just missing something simple.

Any ideas??