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Brian Cajutol

Hi Sam,

Good day. This sounds like a good thing to know.

There doesn't seem to be any specified limit (video import documentation can be accessed here).

As for the playback on the end-user/learner side, there are considerations. For one thing, the learner's internet connection may play a big role in downloading the video on cache. Also, much older computers may have a harder time playing back a large video.

It is always be best to optimize the video's size and length per slide/module.


Jean-Christophe Goyette

I second Brian's comment, as the bigger the video file, the slower it might load.

I would also like to point out that due to how Storyline manages its cache, the .story file size might blow out of proportion when saving.

This is the main reason to use embed videos instead of importing them directly. Thje only issue I see that would force you to import a video would be if the video needs to trigger something, such as enabling navigation buttons.

Sam Carter

Importing videos should be left to 1 minute or less of playback time. I don't have an answer to whether videos are streamed or downloaded in full so assume the latter.

YouTube is no longer a streaming option since related video suggestion thumbnails cannot be suppressed. 

Does anyone have a suggestion for a workable streaming video provider for corporate eLearning? A service that doesn't push unwanted advertising and video suggestions?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sam, there is a video site called Dailymotion that you may want to try. 


This site does not have video suggestions. It does have the Up Next Queue enabled by default on all embedded videos but you can disable the queue by adding the following parameter to your embeds query string:

Ex: https://dailymotion.com/embed/video/x5yiamz?queue-enable=false