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Jul 26, 2019

In Storyline 360, when I publish the output to HTML5 Only, no SWF file gets generated. That is a great feature as we can seamlessly upload and run our courses on our new LMS.

In storyline 2, when I publish the course to HTML5, I can see that the two launch files (.HTML5 and .SWF) are generated. Also, for each slide in the course, one SWF file gets generated in the Slides folder.

Also, outside the Slides folder in the published package, I can see some more SWF files generated.

Now, here are my questions:

Q1 - Storyline creates one SWF file for each slide in the course. The SWF format for each slide does not mean that the slides will necessarily have some flash object embedded within. Kindly confirm.

Q2 - There are some SWF files placed outside the Slides folder. Now, do these SWF files mean the flash assets/objects embedded within the course? If I want to convert the course to HTML5 Only output, do I need to have the HTML versions for these flash assets?

Kindly share your inputs. Also, direct me to any discussion thread on converting swf-based courses to HTML5.


Thanking you!





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Vincent Scoma

Hey Angad,

Happy to help and thank you for reaching out! 

  1. In Storyline 2, the SWF files are always included in the published output for courses and then HTML5 if that option was selected. 
  2. So you can open a Storyline 2 project in Storyline 360, which will convert that file to Storyline 360. The Flash content in the course may need to be updated to HTML formats depending on the content being used. I was able to locate this thread about converting SWF (Engage) files to HTML. I hope this helps! 

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