Line-in mic not working in Articulate Storyline

Hi there

I am using a line-in microphone that Windows 7 picks up as the default, that I can use to record in Audacity with no issues and that Articulate screen capture recognises - yet Articulate cannot seem to capture the sound from it.

There is nowhere I can see to select a microphone - any ideas?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Jeff!

See if this helps.

  1. Right-click the Volume Mixer (the icon that looks like a speaker) in the system tray on your taskbar, and select Recording Devices:
  2. Right-click your recording device and select Enable:

(Note:  If you do not see any devices listed on the Recording tab, verify that both the "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" options are check-marked similar to the image above.)

After enabling the device, you should be able to record audio in your Articulate software.

Steve Lyne

I note this thread is 2 years old, however, I've just starting having the same issue.  I have tried all of the steps suggested here and have just repaired the installation with no success.

The mic I'm using works fine on other software applications that I have.

When attempting to insert a recording from the mic there is no activity on the vu meter and no sound recorded.

If I attempt to use the mic during a screen recording the vu meter indicates it's receiving input but there is actually no sound recorded.

This happened earlier today but magically began working properly.,. but alas it's stoppped again.

Anybody else with this issue or any suggestions?


Leslie McKerchie

That is strange Steve. I have seen users report that a simple re-boot worked for them.

Have you checked within Windows to see that it is recognizing your microphone?  If you have and you're still unable to record while in Storyline, I'd suggest conducting a simple repair of your Storyline software. 

Steve Lyne

Yep, tried everything, including all of the above.  Thought I'd nailed it on Friday when it started working again, but now it's stopped.  There's nothing I've done within or outside Storyline that I can see would affect things.  I'm wondering whether another program is grabbing the device but there is nothing else running at the mo.  A mystery.


I am down to having to use a third party application to record and then importing the file.