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Hi All,

Is there any way to link to a picture rather than embedding it?  The designers would like to keep working on the look of some buttons, but they currently need to be placed into the story file by the authors.  These buttons will be used in lots of different locations and we are looking for a way to get around having to select change picture on every single one when the design is complete.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Peter

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Great question! You can link to an image, instead of the image file. Just take the steps you would normally take to insert the image and insert the URL for the image file as shown below:

Just click 'Open" after you insert the URL and the picture should show up in your project. You'll be able to re-size the image, just like any other image that you would insert. 

Let me know if this works for you.


Brett Rockwood

What would be awesome, and I think what Peter is asking for, would be the ability to link to an image file in the way that InDesign or Quark does so that whenever the linked image is modified it would be reflected in SL the next time the slide was viewed or the project was previewed/published. Being able to assemble content while final images are still being worked on/modified and have those modifications dynamically appear in the SL file would be a tremedous timesaver and a really powerful feature.

Christine, are you saying this is possible? When I tried inserting the URL of an image as described, SL did indeed insert the proper image. But when I went back and modified that original image (at the same URL) SL did not pick up the changes.

Tell me it's possible... If not I feel a feature request brewing.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning guys!

Yes, I had another look at this, this morning. Mike is correct, you can insert the image, but after doing so it looks like the image is saved as a part of the course, so it wouldn't be updated if the image is changed on on the web. I totally agree, though, this would be an awesome feature. If anyone would like to submit a request, you can do so here.

Thanks everyone Have a great day!

Jessica Kendall

Is there a way to remove an embedded background? I have downloaded a free template and can customize and change everything but the 'Base layer' background which has a logo on it unfortunately. I just want to remove the background and make the background white if possible. Is there a setting that I can't see?  

Ali Goulet

Hey Jessica,

I'm happy to point you in the right direction! Is the background image on the Slide Master perhaps?

If so, you can change it by going to View > Slide Master. Then select the Master Slide, right click, and select Format Background:

If you run into any trouble, feel free to share your .story file here so I can have a look. You can attach it right to a comment in the thread.

Keep me posted!