Link Activity on Lightbox Slides

Hi all,  

Was just testing out  some links on lightbox slides, and found that they didn't work...  On hover-over, the mouse icon changes as it should indicating a hot spot, but upon-click, nothing happens.  At least in Chrome.

And, yet, when I copy the link out of the Jump to URL field and into the browser, the URL works fine.

high lit the objects that are linked...

Any one ever see this happen?

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Michael Hinze

Have you tried uploading the project to a server? When I run a testfile LOCALLY in Chrome, I'm seeing the same issue you reported (works fine in IE and Firefox). When running the same file in Chrome from a server (see here: ), it works.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael and Michael,

MF, confirming what MH said. My trials publishing locally:

Firefox (26): worked first try

Internet Explorer (11): prompted me it was blocking some content, did I want to unblock. I said yes, good to go.

Chrome (31) nothing. Link was "dead."

Didn't upload to a server, since MH has already done that as well. Wondering if there's some setting I can change in Chrome...hmmm

Michael Fimian

Hi Becky,

Small world...

I know that, in Chrome (or at least the most recent version of it), when it detects potentially harmful script, it stops the action and displays a small shield at the end of the URL line;  click the shield and it asks you if you want to proceed.

We run into this when were playing SL Lessons on our LMS, Canvas.

Pain in the butt, because you're never warned;  the browser just stops, looking like is stalled out...

Thanks for the verification Becky...