link failing in flash but not html ouput

Mar 17, 2016


I have a link in my file to a url. It is a long and complicated URL but it works fine in the story_html5 output but hits a 500 error in the story output (flash version).

Any ideas on why this may be?

I am not running it locally and it does the same thing in Chrome and IE.

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Leanne Duffield

Hi Ashley, 

We worked out a workaround with a re-direct html file, but it's not ideal for the client.

I will have to check with the client about sharing the URL. 

It was hosted on a standard Apache server, not an LMS, but I doubt that is causing this issue.

The problem is the difference in rendering between the flash version and the html5 version, because, as I said the html5 version works just fine.

Other links also work fine - this is a complicated link as I say - it takes to the right page if you are logged in to the site it is taking you to and if you are not logged in it takes you to a page that asks you to log in. 

So not a straightforward link. it may be security issues? but we cant expect our users to change standard Flash security settings.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leanne,

The log in element may be what is tripping up the Flash security - but there isn't a way to change Flash security settings from within Storyline as it's user and browser specific. You could look at adding instructions on the slide itself prompting the users to ensure that they are logged in prior to clicking on the link. Since other links also are working normally, and the redirect provided you with a way around it, I'd continue to utilize that method and see if you can work with the client in regards to the gated access to the links. 

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