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Peter Faulhaber

Peter and Phil,

Thanks for your replies. 

@Peter: I willl fill in a feature request

@Phil: What does TBH means (I am a Dutchman) and can you give me an example of  "glossary terms with captions appearing on hover"

Is there a possibility (work around) to use html tagging in the running text like <a ref>

Nice weekend; Beautiful weather here in Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Peter,

TBH usually means To Be Honest

I created a Screenr (a screencast) on creating tooltips in Storyline. You can watch it here:


And thanks for this post. I didn't know there were issues with the font size in the glossary. My next step is to send along a feature request for both of those things: ability to redefine size, and to create links to the glossary