link opens with no scroll bar

I have a link to SurveyMonkey in my results page success layer. When I check this link within Storyline it works fine. The survey opens in a new window with a scroll bar on the right side. When I publish the course it doesn't work. If I pass the test and click on the link to do the survey it will open but with no scroll bar. you can only see the first 2 questions. If you zoom out on the screen you can see they are all there. This only happens in Firefox and IE. If I use Chrome it works fine. The survey will open in a new window with a scroll bar. I know the problem isn't in Survey Monkey because I copied a previously used survey that works as it should. I have used the survey monkey link in numerous courses built in Storyline with no problem.

Any ideas???

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Adrian Dean

Hi Jill,

You seem to know your way around, but here is the tutorial for adding web objects.

Pay special attention the browser controls part.

Here is the tutorial for editing web objects.

You might already have seen these, and might already have figured out your problem. If not I hope these help.