Link prev button to individual slides?

I'm having a problem in which, by default, the "Prev" button actually brings you to the "Prev" slide you VISITED, rather than the previous slide in your presentation (in terms of, the order that slides show up in.)

For example,

You have a presentation with 4 slides, and Slide 1 has a trigger that brings the user straight to Slide 4. When you click the "Prev" button on Slide 4, it won't bring you to Slide 3. Instead, it will bring you to Slide 1, because it brings you to Prev slide you VISITED.

What I'm asking is, is there a way I can specify where the "Prev" button links to, per slide?

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Georgia B

Michael Hinze said:

Try changing the trigger on the Previous button from 'Jump to previous slide' to 'Jump to Slide xyz'

Thanks for your reply.

This is what I am asking how to do.

I can't see any place to edit the previous button trigger, as it's a player trigger isn't visible on my slide triggers?

Where do I go to edit this?

Georgia B

Don't worry, I've figured it out -I didn't realise it was a matter of creating a NEW trigger for the action,

rather than EDITING a trigger (which wasn't there).

A bit embarrassed I didn't try this before posting, but here's what I did:

In slide triggers, create new trigger.

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: whichever slide you want the prev button to take the user to from this page.

When: user clicks

Object: Previous button

Georgia B

Wendy Farmersaid:

Hi Georgia

so you are using the Player defaults are there are no triggers in the panel like this?

Have you customised the player? are you using custom navigation buttons? checked the slide master triggers? are you using

SL1 or SL2?

I was using the latest version of SL1. Yes, that's correct, I was using the default navigation buttons, and they didn't have any triggers showing up (and yep they were definitely selected in slide properties).Anyways, all I had to do was create my own trigger for the button.Thanks for the response.