Link to a lightbox slide inside a marker

Hi everyone,

I thought I was able to do this but can't get it to work.  I have a marker on a timeline and when you click it it opens up the whole label.  Inside the label is text and there is a "video link"  I want to use when they click it will open a lightbox which will hold a video I have on Vimeo.  But every time I try to click the words video link it just closes the marker.  I do not have "Show all on Hover" as I want them to click the marker.  

I didn't include my full file, just the two slides, the 1st has the markers, and it is marker number 2 that I want to open then click the words "video link" to open the lighbox slide....

Am I missing something simple?  I hope....

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Teresa! I previewed your entire course (2 slides) and the link worked for me, too. When I clicked the video link, it opened up the lightbox slide. I'm not sure why it's closing the marker for you. Maybe try closing and re-opening your story file. Another option is to embed the video within the marker (Media>Video from website). But what you have definitely works.

Teresa Vanderpost

Wow, I don't get it.  This is a preview of Scene - 

You will see how it just closes the marker, I really liked this idea, and it looks great in Jeff's screencast.  Are you both on the latest storyline 360, (I assume you are :) )

And by the way thanks for the speedy responses, I find this community fantastic!

Jeff Forrer

I tried both SL 3 and 360 latest versions, same result.  On your cast however it is red outside of the hyperlink, I wonder if on your side the hyperlink needs to be reset.  Maybe remove the hyperlink and re-add it.

One other comment, on what you did here, I have done similar in the past but instead of using the markers (built in) I would use my own buttons as part of a button set, and have a layer with the box come up (your popup), gives you a little better options on customizing it, but that is more work.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Jeff, I recreated it and the red was just from my original version it was to remind me that the SME has to provide it.  Unfortunately it still just closes the light box.  I like your layer idea, but frustrating that this works for others and not me sigh...  so, if I understand correctly, I create a button 1, 2, 3, and 4 - make it a button set.  Create Button 1 layer and have my content show up then they click on Button layer 2 read the text and then click a link on that layer and it can open a lightbox, or have I gone off track at this point :)

Sarah Hodge

Hi Teresa. You can keep the video within the marker. All you would need to do is grab the embed code from the vimeo video (the share link will have this). Then, in Storyline go to Format>Media>Video from Website....then enter the embed code. It will display the video within the marker. Using the file you provided, I made this example. You can view the video after publishing.  

storyline video in marker

Teresa Vanderpost

Oh okay, I will try that, thank you so much for your help.  I have submitted a case to Articulate, to see if they can figure out why it won't work in my preview mode, perhaps an uninstall will be required.  But for now I will take your advise.  Again, have a wonderful day and thankyou for the screenshot.

Jeff Forrer

Hello Teresa, see file attached, let me know if you have questions.  A few things to point out:

  1. I left your buttons off stage in case you needed them.
  2. I added 3 new buttons as a buttons set, that have Selected and Visited states, edit as you wish.  I had a Play button on the Selected state as these were used with audio as well, but Play could serve as an icon for you to show they have it selected, but change as you see fit.
  3. There is a catchall hotspot on the top layer so as to close the other layers when the user clicks anywhere on the screen.
  4. I added condition (triggers) that if they have visited a button, and the screen is clicked, that the button changes from Selected to Visited (since clicking the screen should close all dialogs and then nothing essentially would technically be selected at that time).

Questions, let me know!

Teresa Vanderpost

Morning Jeff, my apologies for the late reply.  I went into an all afternoon meeting right before you sent the file.  I am going to take a look at it this morning.  Looking forward to looking at it.  I did put a ticket in to articulate and the file works perfect for them as well, so they sent me a link to try a fix...but I think as you said what you are showing is much more customizable so I am looking forward to try and recreate what you are showing me.   Thanks again, and Happy Friday!

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Jeff, I finally had time to go in and I totally get it and I really like it.  On my other issue I uninstalled and reinstalled storyline and my marker still doesn't work, but oddly if I click Show all on Hover an I tested it, it worked, but I like your idea alot better.  Thank you sincerely for taking the time to show me this sample, and the nice part is I understand the process.  The catch all hotspot is the new idea to me that if they click anywhere to change button states.  I will have to try and remember this.  Again, thank you and have a wonderful weekend.