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Aug 08, 2013

In the course that I'm creating I have a series of funny viral type videos that I want to encourage people to share with others. 

I have created a Share button that appears under the video. 

My original idea was to link to a pre-populated email template that included a link to the video on our server and some additional info. The idea being that the person viewing the course would click the button and the pre-populated email would popup in Outlook, then all they would need to do was add a recipeint and click send. 

Unfortunately, when I try to attach a .oft (Outlook template) it won't open. I tried both attaching it directly and linking to a place on the server. 

I would really love this feature to work as it's a great add to this course that is shown to only a limited audience. 

Any ideas on how I could make this or something similar work?

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