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Christine Hendrickson

Hi 2Charlie,

Welcome to the community!

It's a little difficult to say what may be causing this without knowing a little more about the project, or without seeing the file itself.

How are you linking to the question bank? Are you using a hyperlink that's triggered? A shape, etc.?

How are you viewing the course when this issue occurs? Does this happen during preview, after publishing, or both?

Also, you mentioned that the question doesn't show up - does the "jump to" slide function at all and not display the question, or does the jump never happen?

If you're able to share the .story file here, that would also help!

Thanks very much,


Bill Valedis

I am having the same issue as described above, in preview mode. I have a button on one slide I wish to add a trigger so that when the button is pressed the user jumps to the Question bank. Unfortunately, I can see all the slides that I can link to, but the Question bank is not visible...

Frustrating for a new user not to be able to do such a simple task. HELP

Leon Gouws

Hi Emily. I'm a new user and have exactly the same problem as discussed above. I have created more than 1 story Scene and also a question bank at the end. Now I want to link the question bank to my Scenes but this just doesn't work. If I add a trigger to Jump to  scene it does not show the question bank?? Please help as I am evaluating the program for a large project. I also don't understand why I cannot place the result page in the question bank and where this needs to go still to be functional.

vimal singh

I am also having the same issue with the SL360, Never experienced this in the previous versions of SL. This is very frustrating things that 360 behaving in a different way with the Question bank. not able to preview the scene because of the Question bank. i am able to view as single slide preview.