Link trigger in object state?

OK...I'm new to Storyline and I've tried searching for this but haven't found an answer anywhere so here I go...

Is it possible for only the visited state of an object/image with a link trigger applied to it? For example, I have a character on a main menu type slide that I'd like to change to another state after the learner has visited and have then enable clicking on the  visited state image to launch a website.  Is that possible?

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Michael Hinze

You could do this with two triggers with conditions. For example, when clicking the character the first time (Normal state) then a slide should be displayed with more info. Clicking the character a second time (Visited State), a website is displayed, but only if the object's state is Visited. here is a quick example.

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Johnny!

What you could do is create a trigger, with a condition, for that character that will jump to a URL when that character's state is equal to a specific state.

Here's an example of a trigger that might work for you:

You'll need to make sure that the character's state first, then the URL trigger should work.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

Thanks and welcome again!

Michael Hinze
Dee H

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is completely related, but I would like to combine a state with an object trigger. The ideal result would be for my object to change states and be able to advance the slides simultaneously. I'm sure there is a way. Cheers!

This can be done, but the specifics very much depend on your particular setup. Can you share your .story file so that we can have a closer look?

Dee H

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the quick response - I figured out a work around:

Originally I drew a textbox for my content and placed a transparent button on top, which made it difficult to manipulate the text states while keeping the button link active. I also tried the reverse (button in back; text brought to front); it was functional, but the text only displayed the hovered state without the ability to follow the link.

Work around: I placed the text into the button directly and modify the state accordingly. Pure simplicity :)

Thanks again and happy creating! - Dee