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Dec 12, 2019

Hello everyone! 

Is there a way to see all external files linked in a document? - Not in the exported file-. 



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Luciana,

I apologize, but I am not quite following the request. Do you want to preview the hyperlinks connected to a file in Storyline? 

If that is the case, the links can only be previewed after publishing the course. You could upload your course for testing using SCORM Cloud. SCORM Cloud is a handy free tool great for LMS testing as well!

Please let me if you have any questions! We are happy to help! 

Jeff Forrer

Reading this made me think of a great feature and maybe that is what is being asked.  If there would be a way, a window, library etc. where you could go to see all of the hyperlinks, or links to files that are external, all in one place in a course, that would be real helpful.  Maybe a feature request ;0)

Example: I have been in files with many slides where I may need to update paths for all my externally linked PDFs (via triggers) and I have had to look through every slide to find the links to update them.  If they are all in the Resources tab, those are not a problem.


Luciana Santimaria


I share Jeff's feature request! Having a "Resources" tab would be very useful and would avoid mistakes and time: finding, checking and changing links quickly.

A common mistake that often happens to me is that if I -accidentally- modify the path of a file, the hyperlink breaks, and Articulate does not notify me of the change. I realize of the mistake when a client says "the button does not download the file", for example. Then, I have to search the slides with buttons and fix links one-by-one.

Hope SL DEV team takes note of our suggestions!



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