Linkedin Embedded article using embed webobject wont display on learnupon

Linkedin Embedded article using embed webobject wont display on learnupon

Cant understand why as other web objects display properly.

Is there some setting with linkedin which prevents embedding Linkedin Pulse articles in other websites or courses?

The article is mine so I have right to use it.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thomas,

I don't know of a setting within LinkedIn that would prevent it - but I do feel like most things you have to be logged in for? Additionally have you tried testing it in SCORM Cloud? That's an industry standard for testing SCORM content and it would help rule out your LMS as a factor. 

If you're still having difficulty could you tell us more about what does display on that page when you're viewing it in your LMS? 

Caroline Lawless

Hi Thomas,

Hope you're keeping well. We noticed that you posted a help query on here regarding embedding links from LinkedIn in your courses.

It is worth noting that this is not a SCORM issue and the usual testing of a course on SCORM cloud would be a fruitless test. LinkedIn prevent you from embedding links or materials from their website to prevent click-jacking attacks or the like. i.e. in technical terms, they implement the X-Frame-Options directive and we have seen that set to same origin in the past, which would cause your 'whitebox' description.

You will probably have to host your post on another site that permits this or simply copy/paste the text into your course itself without embedding. Of course if you need more help on this just contact the LearnUpon support team as usual and we'd be glad to help out further.