Linking a slider to a slide timeline?


Is it possible to link a slider object to a slides timeline?

I have slides that progress without any clicking, they automatically go to the next slide when the end of the timeline is reached.

But I would like the user to be able to see that time is progressing and if possible be able to skip ahead. I have seen the inbuilt seekbar and this is good but the look doesn't work with the course I am designing.


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Piotr Burchart

Hi Kelly,
Please look at the attached source file.
Regarding your question about controlling Trimline by slider I do not know how to do it.
You can only control (I know), slider by timeline: Set slider 1 to value 1 When the timeline reaches (or cue points) time 1s (see source file). Maybe we can use some JavaScripts for this?
You can create more smooth slider movements by creating more steps with tiny time (0.01, 0.02).
If you have any question let know, please?