Linking PDF Documents to Storyline Files - Errors

Apr 27, 2018

I have been having the hardest time linking PDF files to my Storyline course. I have followed every instruction that support said to do. Once I publish the course (from my desktop - as instructed) and before uploading it to the LMS I've been checking the compressed file to make sure the PDF files are in the project, and they are. But this error keeps popping up (attached). Can someone provide some input on why this keeps happening with just a few PDFs?  

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Clarelyn Gonzales

Hi Erin,

I'm sorry this is causing you headaches. 

I have checked and reviewed the image you've attached. It seems that reason behind the error is a security precaution.

It might be throwing up an error on few PDF's that you're trying to link because it detected something in its file name or path which looks like an HTML statement.

Please avoid using special characters, accents, or symbols in your file paths and file names. Make sure to use file paths and naming conventions that are safe for windows. Learn more about naming conventions in this Microsoft Article.

Hope this helps. Have a happy weekend!


Best Regards,



Katie Riggio

Hi, Erin. Really sorry you're having an issue linking PDF files to Storyline. 

Our team would love to continue to help and try to identify what's going on. I located your case with my colleague, Anna, and have shared your latest update with her.

I'll follow the case along, as I'm also really curious to find out what's causing this error!

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