linking projects

In Storyline, can you do either of these two things:

1)  Create a project with multiple scenes, and just publish out one scene by itself?

2)  Create multiple projects, publish each of them, and link between them?

I'd like to make a standalone reference project, and link to it from other published projects.  Just wondering the different ways I could go about this.  Thanks!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Heather!

1) Not currently, but I agree that would be a valuable feature to have, and it's a popular request. Please feel free to add your voice

2) Storyline allows you to add files and web addresses to the Resources tab in your player. If you attach a file resource to your course, you can also link to that same file from any slide in your story. Here's how. Think that might work for you? 

Heather Steckley

So there's no way to add a link at the top of a Storyline project that opens another Storyline project?  Kind of like how you can open Engage or Quizmaker projects from tabs at the top of an Articulate Studio project?

I made a reference project in Storyline, and I want to create a link directly on the menu bar that opens it.



Nancy Woinoski

I just tried making a link in a storyline file (A) to another storyline file (B) and I could get it to work.

When you publish storyline (A) , it puts the story.html file from (B)  in the story_content/external_files folder for (A).

If you copy the rest of the published files and folders from storyline (B) into the story_content/external_files folder it will work.

The only issue I see is that you can probably only create one link like this because all storyline files are published as story.html.

There might be a way to rename these files but I have not tried to do it yet.