Linking projects

Good day

I am compiling systems learner guides containing screen recordings and text. These project story files are quite big and slow down the performance of my system when working on the source project story file.

Therefore I have created various projects with the objective to navigate from the one project to the next. Furthermore we want our users to access individual processes as and when required.

I am now faced with a challenge that I don't know how to solve. I created a button with a trigger to jump to a URL/file to navigate to another process. But when published it doesn't open the project that it is linked to.

Then I tried to use a hyperlink, but this doesn't work either.

Please advise how I can overcome this challenge.

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anette and welcome to Heroes!

First, have you looked into creating each individual project, and then going through and importing them all into a .story file to create one larger project? Depending on the overall size - this may not be the best idea based on memory issues with your system - but worth reminding about.

In regards to linking the files, what you would need to do is publish them in reverse order and place within a web server, and take that URL to create the link in the second to last portion, and then publish that one - and so on. Also, when you go to test all this - you'll want to test the final versions from within the intended publish environment - as testing it locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions detailed here.