Linking question banks to results slides

Feb 24, 2016

Hi all,

A colleague and I are working with a short question bank course, and we're having trouble linking the bank to the results slide.

We've set up our own navigation but all the slides are set up to go to the next slide, however when you get to the final question (question 10) the slide won't go forward.

I've attached the file and any help would be very appreciated.



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Eric Petersen

The problem is that you are building your own navigation and it takes some work to make it act like the built in navigation.  I think the simplest fix would be to add a trigger to jump to the results slide, just after the trigger to jump to the next slide on every test question.  That way if there is a next slide then it won't jump to the results but if there isn't a next slide because you have reached the last question... then it will jump to results slide.  see attached.

Hannah McManus

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that this worked perfectly when we previewed the entire project through storyline. However, once it was published to LMS it didn't work, instead the user was being taken to the results page after completing the first question.

I took the suggested triggers off all questions apart from the last one which I have locked. This means everyone will see the same last question but the other 9 will be random. 

This method has worked :)

Many thanks for all your help.


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