Linking Story Files and play with them locally

Hi Team,

Need your help, please...

I have several Storyline files.

One is the master (presentation) in which I would like to launch some other storyline files according to my needs.

Playing on servers is OK.

But I would like to play with those files "locally" on my computer.

How to do it ?

When I add a trigger in Storyline to open an other story file, stored in a folder on my computer (after publishing), it does not work.

Any tips ? Thank you for your help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean-Pascal, 

We'd always recommend working with the published output in the intended environment for that reason, that working locally can cause certain elements to not work as expected. 

For the local playback, what file are you attempting to link/open to? You may want to play around with those options and what browsers are opening it, as some browsers may have fewer restrictions on the playback of local content. 

Jean-Pascal Mulot

Thank you Ashley for your feedback.

Basically, I have 2 published output Storyline courses. Inside one course, during the storyline development, I added a link to open the second published output Storyline course (publication made before). I tried to copy the story.html link of this second file, and add it to the first one. I added a trigger to open a file when the user click. However, local playback seems not working. 

When I click to open the second file, the folder path is not right to open the second published output storyline file.

Hope this is clear.