Linking to a SCORM package within an Articulate course

Someone else provided a SCORM package for a training course. It is an Articulate course, but I do not have the Story file. This SCORM package (zip file) resides on my server.

Can I link to that SCORM within a new Articulate course? For instance on a slide can I have a link to that other course?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Barry -- Thanks for reaching out! Please bear with me if I am not clear on what you are asking, but is your other course going to be hosted on a web page or such? If so, you would be able to use the following information to add the hyperlink to it accordingly. However, if you need this to work within an LMS, for tracking purposes, it will not be feasible. Please see this discussion for more details. :)