Linking to an external URL within a light box not working

I am currently trying to link to a youtube video from a menu created in a lightbox. The link will not work no matter what I try. I also have several pdf's that are within the course that will not open from the links within the lightbox...although a few do work?!

I also have linked to these items in other places throughout the course (not in a lightbox) and they all work fine. The links from these locations have been copied and pasted into the lightbox for each item.

What the heck? Is linking to external url's from a light box suppose to work or not?

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David Anderson

Hi Susan - I put together a quick example that links to both an external website and a .pdf document: 

Since some of your links are working, I suspect there's likely something else going on. Is there any chance you could post a slide or two from your project so we can take a closer look?