Linking to External Documents in SCORMs

Is there a way to include additional assets, (such as pdf files or other documents) in Storyline's SCORM output?   

Our presentation includes a link to an .rtf file and we need to keep the link accurate (unbroken) after we move the presentation to a new location, so I'm using a relative link to the document and including it in the same folder as the other Storyline-generated files for that presentation.

How can I publish to a SCORM and have that file included?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Typically documents or files are linked on an individual slide, or as a part of the resources tab and then they are drawn into the published output folder for inclusion on an LMS or web server. 

If you're looking to set up something a bit different, I'll defer to the communities expertise. 

Mike Fox

Never mind, I found the answer...

In order to link to an external file and have it be included among all the other necessary Storyline files automatically, you need to use the "Jump to URL/File" trigger/action, (as you'd expect).  

The clincher is:  instead of typing in a URL in the File: field, press the "..." button.  That will lead you to a dialogue box where you select the external file.   Doesn't matter where the file resides at that moment, because Storyline will create a copy of the file and store it in the "External Files" folder, which is contained within the "story_content" folder.  

Simple, once you know how to do it!  ; )