Linking to Glossary terms

Jul 02, 2018

I built a glossary of terms in Storyline 360.  I built it using several layers, one for each letter of the alphabet and another for each term's definition.  On the 'A' layer, I have created buttons with each of the A terms.  Once  that term's button is clicked, that term appears on a separate layer. 

My question:  I would like to be able to create a link to each of the definition layer so I can  embed that link in other electronic resources accessed by our users.  Is this possible?   

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Nicole Legault

Hi Deb!

Welcome to the community, thanks for posting your question here. 

When you publish a Storyline course it creates a URL, however, there is no unique URL or indicator for each slide or slide layer. So it would not be possible to do that out of the box with Storyline. 

However, you could do that with Rise. If you created a glossary and Rise and made each lesson it's own term, you could link to each lesson individually. Then you could link to those pages from other documents/places. This might be useful to know for future projects or for other people reading this. Hope this answers your question!