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In story view, I can click on a scene to see the link icon, then link it to another scene.  But if I want to modify that link or make any other changes, I cannot find the dialog box again and clicking on the scene in story view no longer displays the link icon.  Does anyone know how to quickly get the trigger/link dialog box back?  I specifically wish to link multiple scenes together so they run continuously as 1 video.  I'm recording screencasts in a single video then want to link videos to each other.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Cynthia,

Take a look at this thread. There is even a video I did showing how to get the menu/dialog box back.

As far as what you want to do. The easiest way to do what you want, at least as I see it, is to add object triggers to each screencast. Make sure each screencast is set to play automatically, then click on the screencast in the scene's slide and add the trigger for it to jump to scene. Choose the scene and have it move to that scene when the timeline ends for your current scene. Then just repeat it for every other scene and screen recording. Make sure to remove the player triggers (next/previous). That should get you your continuous video.

Hope the above helps,


Allan Dunlop

I've had the same challenge, Cynthia.

Once the link icon at the bottom of a scene is gone, the only way I can see to create a link is to select the final slide in a scene, and then work with the triggers (jump to slide / jump to scene).

Thanks for the suggestion, Adrian. That works for me in some instances, but I'm wondering if Storyline offers one option I need.

I'd like to know if there is a way to link one scene to another, as opposed to linking the final slide of a scene to another scene. I've searched for this a number of times over the last several days, but can't see any reference to it.

I find I'm often rearranging the slides within a scene; if they have links, things get convoluted very quickly. I'd like to be able to have the order of the scenes remain the same will I mess around with the order of the slides within them.

Thanks for any direction that anyone can provide!


Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Mike. That allows me to link from the final slide of one scene, to another scene, but if I move that slide upward, or bring another down to the bottom position, the scene sequence is broken.

Is there any way to keep scenes connected in a particular order while slides within them are rearranged?


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Mike Enders


I see.  Yeah, I don't think there's a global perma link for scene to scene navigation.  If you keep your scenes in their original order, then this will function as you wish, but once you start rearranging scenes, then things do get wonky.   Others have mentioned the desire for scene and slide renumbering.  Would make a great feature request!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chuan and welcome to Heroes! 

If you've set up your own custom buttons, you'll still need a trigger associated with them to determine where the user will be directed to. You can set it to jump to next slide (or if it's the last slide in a scene, you can also set it to jump to next scene). You can also determine if you want it to jump to a particular slide instead of whatever is next numerically in the slide numbering. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chuan,

The "jump to next slide" trigger won't jump to the next scene, so you'll need to set up some additional conditional triggers onto the slide master (perhaps set a T/F variable at the end of each scene which has a trigger to jump to the next scene based on that condition, or you need to add them to your slides.

gary vey

How can I get new scenes I created to automatically be linked to the previous existing scene? For example: I record something and choose to import using the step by step option. Now I have scene 1. I repeat the process again and now I have scene 2. But scene 2 is not automatically "attached" to the end of scene 1. I have to always manually "attach" the new scene to the previous one. What am I doing wrong?

Alyssa Gomez

Hello there Gary!

No worries, you aren't doing anything wrong. You're correct that you have to manually attach Scene 1 to Scene 2 by creating a trigger on the last slide of Scene 1 that links to the first slide of Scene 2. You can also link the scenes in Story View as Mike explained above.

Another option would be to insert the step-by-step slides into an existing scene, if you wish. Just select the existing scene from the "Insert slides in:" dropdown. That way, you won't have to link two scenes together with a trigger.

Ren Gomez

Hi Smita,

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing, and I'm sorry that error keeps popping up!

Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? This will give us a better idea of how your triggers are set up and ensure there isn't something else causing that error to appear. 

Feel free to share your .story file to this link here.