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Russell Still

Yep, add me to the list. I suspect it isn't possible to do on an iPad (offline) at all. It can be done with internet based components, but they can't communicate data so that's pretty limiting. Since this gets into client/server processing, I'm guessing that it is not a feature that we'll see in SL anytime soon.

Russell Still

Michael Fimian said:

  I was just wondering if anyone out there has done the same?  And, if so, how did you link them via (presumably) a TOC Storyline file?

I did this with a simple series of SL files but it doesn't work on an iPad.

File 1 (password 2) calls File 2

File 2 (ToC) calls other files via URLs

The other files either call File 2 upon completion or are opened in separate windows (I don't remember).

Michael Fimian

Hi Russ and Gerry,

How goes sales and retirement, gents?

Thanks for experimenting!

I was just going to place the the stories in separate folders on a website and not an LMS as we don't need to collect data via AICC or SCORM.  Tried a small trial and they opened in separate windows, though I still have to try that on my iPad...  Good point.

I was also wondering from an aesthetic or format basis, just to see what folks have been attempting...

I may just end up embedding the URLs in a javascript menu in an HTML file...

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks for the clarification.

Have you tried something like creating a separate TOC project in Storyline.  Then for your individual modules, publish them locally and rename the story.html file to index.html.

Then bring in the modules to the TOC project as local web objects that open up in their own windows?

Rachel  Salgado

Yes, we are not using AICC or SCORM for a LMS.

I am having problems after I have renamed the story.html to index.html. When I open my separate TOC project in Storyline and try to bring the modules into the TOC project as a local web object, I am getting a prompt that says,

could not locate 'index.html' or 'index.htm' file in the specified folder.

Any thoughts or ideas?

HR Tech Training

I am having a similar issue. Have many storyline files linked to an index.html page - for e-learners to view online (through a company sharedrive) 

One of the courses is very large, so I divided it into 2 parts. I tried adding a button or a hyperlink to the cover page (Go to Part A/B) if the user wants to view the other part. But the links do not work. 

the output folder was published directly to the sharedrive. The hyperlink was created directly to the story.html file. 


I understand that size might be an issue, but why not create a StoryLine "master file" that has your TOC and import all of your SL files into their own scenes in the master StoryLine file. The branching from the TOC to and from each scene should be easy from there. But maybe I am missing something?

What I am more interested in is embedding a published storyline as a web object within another storyline.... I might have to play with this a little bit.

Philippe JEANTY

Yes i need some suggestions too... My presentation is getting over 400 slides and maybe not more then 5% complete and no narration - notes yet. I sense i will be bumping into SL3 limits soon.

I too would like a Table of Content presentation that links to the bigger segments.

Is this possible ? Most of the discussion here is several years old.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

It's possible - just not particularly easy to set up. 🙂 

  1. You'd begin by publishing each individual .story file to web. 
  2. Upload all those files to your web server
  3. Grab the URL for each individual file, and link that on a slide in your "master" Storyline course 
  4. Set those links to open in the same window so that the course appears seamless
  5. Publish that course and place also on your web server.

I've only seen this work successfully with web output - as LMS would often be gated behind a login, and therefore the user would be prompted to login at each access.

Some areas you may want to think through - how does a user navigate back to the Table of contents? Do you need to track what they've done? 

Also, take a look at this blog post by Tom.  A lot of good info about why keeping courses shorter may benefit your learners and other ideas for ways to engage them! 

Philippe JEANTY

Thank Ashley this is very interesting. I can probably divide into 4-6 segments, and it would be for web output no LMS. I suspect that for computer presentation there is no limits in the size of the presentation. But i don't want "coursels" :) this is for physicians used to digest 2000 pages textbooks and thoroughness is important. A previous course was 15 hours long.