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Walt Hamilton


If you have one link that always links the same slide and scene, without needing access to all of the presentation, there is no way that is quicker and more foolproof than to publish that part of the story as a stand-alone item, and link to it.

If you want to start in a specific spot, and have access to all the presentation, there may or may not be a way. If there is, it's pretty complicated and difficult. Unless your link will always go to the same spot.  Then you can publish a special version of it that has a jump trigger when the timeline starts.

Kyle Mackie

Thanks. I see where you're going, but that won't quite meet the need. It sure would be helpful if I could point directly to a specific spot in the presentation. I still need to present the piece as a whole, as well as the individual bits. I don't want to have to create dozens/hundreds of duplicate pieces of information.