Linking Video-time and Slide-time

Nov 27, 2013

Hi All!

I'm trying to find a way to make this work but can't find a solution. This what I want to do. My slide has a video that starts automatically and contain the video controls. When the video have played 88seconds I pause the video (using the shown object as trigger for media pause) and show an additional notice about the content of the video (just like you would if you made subtitles). This works fine,

but if a user starts fastforwarding in the movie using the timing bar, then this seemes to ruin the timing of the slide and then the objects on the timeline does not show up and does not trigger a pause. Is there any solutions for this?

I could solve it by just adding an invisible object over the timing-control of the video,but i like to give the end users as much control as possible so I'm interested in finding a solution.

Thanks in advance!


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Benoit M


I've had the same problem, and found no work around other than removing the video controls and activating storyline player controls: with the player controls, pause or forward will work both on the video and other objects on the slide (as opposed to the video ones).

If there's any good solution proposed, I'm interested too!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jonathan and welcome to Heroes!

As Benoit shared, the video controls and the Storyline seekbar will operate independent of one another if you've enabled both. Since you have the added element of timed items on your Storyline timeline, I would go with your solution of adding a transparent object over the top of the video controls so that the user can't fast forward and miss the objects appearing on the timeline. 

Jonathan  Olsson

Hi again,

@Ashley, yes i decided to try the solution with the Storyline seekbar and I like it. The only thing I feel that I loose by doing that is that the ongoing time-counter (01:56/03:04) dissapear. I solved it by just adding a "Total time: 03:04" by lower right on top of the video. That made it feel good enough for this production. =) Thank you for your answer!

@Benoit, thanks for your response. I searched the forums further and found this thread ( ), it contains some good discussion about this issue and a great video response which was really informative. Check it out!

All the best to you!


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