Having issuse with links in storyline.

1-built a PPT and exported it as a PDF

2- Built a PDF icon in story line and hyperlinked it to the created PDF

3- Published the project for web onto the desktop

4 - Opened project and tried triggering the PDF icon

5 - Nothing happens? No pop-up warnings or waiting symbols?

6-  Tried saving another project with a link to a PPT (nothing either)

7 – Tried with a word doc nothing!

-       This is being done on the computer it is not posted out on the web.

-       Tried publishing to web  and for CD onto the desktop

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ant,

For the Web option, the problem may be that you're viewing the file locally. But, if you're not able to see this after publishing to CD, can you confirm you're launching the output from the .EXE file that was generated?

Are you able to share the .STORY or .PDF file here so we can take a look? You're also welcome to send it to us privately


Anthony Moser

Hello Christine,

Unfortunately the work I do cannot be shared outside the customer.

I figured, I was having enough issues, I would attack it from a different approach and add the file to the resource tab. This opens just fine.

I even tried to added another subject next to resource called Printable version but, that needs the URL link to open the doc. (so out of luck there) Is there a way to rename the resource tab? Or resize the window?

My problem with the URLs might be the security on our systems and network.

Thanks for the response,


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anthony,

No problem, I totally understand if you can't share the files. I do want to mention that if you send them to us privately, all content will remain confidential. We're also happy to sign a disclosure, if needed. 

In regards to renaming the Resources tab, I don't believe this is possible. However, you can disable that tab and add your own, then link to the PDF file.

Would that work for you?

Anthony Moser

The link to the PDF is like the one I used for the Icon and it will not open as well.

Im not sure how the resource tab works but it is the only place that opens it. Well Im am off to a Storyline class from tue to thur so ill bug the instructor. (Have alot of questions and ideas)

I think I have been pushing the boundries of the application pretty hard to see what I can get away with I even used it to create a 5 minute movie.

Thank you for your time and I hope your V-day is a wonderfull one!


Thierno Amadou THIAM

Hello all,
I have a problem with linking in articulate,
My question is!:
How to create a link for opening a html file?
I tried many ways
1- insert link in insert menu, when a published the html opened but the content doesn't appears!
2-i used the triggers it looks like the link I used
3- I Used the button but we can say the same problem.
Please let me know if there is a way for opening a html content by clicking on text or shape.

Anthony Moser

Here is what I have found based on my experience on linking to URLs like an HTML (not a lot)

html links work if opening the link from a project using the HTML5_story file

A project with URL links opened in HTML will not open the links

Project with links exported to CD format opens the links

I have a lot of issues with articulate opening https URLs, so what I do for a quick fix is to:

 Insert the Html into articulate as a Web object on its own slide

Tell the web object to open in a new page.

Then set the slide trigger to return to the (nav. page) as soon as the time line starts!

The other way, I develop my nav page and open it using the Html5_story and all other project open in HTML (do to most customers using Explorer) in a new window. This way the navigation page stays open.

 Dont think this is a lot of help but, Its what I know!

I also know Articulate storyline does not like the use of a lot of layer?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thierno,

I also replied to your other post here, and thanks Anthony for offering some additional advice, although it sounds like you've experienced some difficulty with hyperlinking, so we'd be happy to help out by taking a look at your file. You mentioned it all works as expected when you publish for CD, but when you publish for web, are you uploading the course to a web server to properly test it?