I'm working in storyline, and one of my screens has some text linked to a URL, and a text box linked to a pdf file that resides on my computer.

When I publish the file (to CD) and test locally, both links work.

When I test on another computer, as expected, the link to the pdf does not work. No surprises. But even the URL will not open. What could be causing that?

(I also need to know how to bundle the pdf with the published file so that the pdf link will work. A lot of the posts on the forum refer to ppt, I'm looking for storyline specific help.)


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Hi Christine,

1. I'm using the output files - specifically the flash files.

2. I was unable to use the exe file since the the computer does not have storyline. (The learners who will be previewing this course will not have storyline, and they will need to view it using the flash file. Unless there is another option I am not aware of.)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shanti,

Users will not need access to Storyline to run the EXE file from the published output. If you launch any of the other files, it can cause problems like this. 

"If you need to distribute your Storyline content for offline viewing, publish for CD.

After publishing, do any of the following to share it with others. (Note: Double-click the Launch_Story.exe file in the published output to view the course.)"

Here's more information.


Thierno Amadou THIAM

Hello all,
I have a problem with linking in articulate,
My question is!:
How to create a link for opening a html file?
I tried many ways
1- insert link in insert menu, when a published the html opened but the content doesn't appears!
2-i used the triggers it looks like the link I used
3- I Used the button but we can say the same problem.
Please let me know if there is a way for opening a html content by clicking on text or shape.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thierno,

You should be able to insert a link using the ways you described but when you test your published output, you'll want to test by placing it within the intended environment, as if you view it on the local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.