Links between Storyline courses not workin in iPad

I have a course which is a main menu.  The menu has links which launch other courses using the 'file/url' to call them.  I have published the menu and each seperate course for ipad support.

This works fin on my PC but when I run it on my iPad any link referring to an external fil/url does not work.  No error it simply does nothing.

Is there some sort of setting to make this work?

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Ramon!

Have you tried using the Jump to URL trigger for the links? 

Try this course on your iPad:

If you launch the course, but the link isn't working, it may have something to do with browser settings.

Give it a try and let me know!

Ramon Smitherman

I have clear text boxes over on top of a graphic.  The text box has a trigger applied to use 'jump to url' to call the next course.

When I run this in iPad the link do nothing.

On the course that is called if I manuall run it on iPad and get the the end, the 'Next' button has a trigger to 'jump to url' and calls the original course.  The next button does the same thing. I click it and nothing happens.

Browser settings in this case are not in play as I am running this on iPad using the articulate player app.

Ramon Smitherman

I figured out the problem.  Storyline will only work with absolute links.  I used relative links.  Storyline ignores relative links.

This is a problem for me.  I have a large course that storyline could not handle.  So I split ti into 12 modules with an additional module for the menu.  It all works great.  The menu module and the twleve other modules sit in the same directory and I simply link back and forth using relative links.

I can deploy this anywhere for any client. 

Except for iPad versions...

For the iPad version to work, I would have to change all the links in the 13 modules to point back and forth to each usimng absolute links.   If they change deployment servers I would need to republish all modules again with their new web address.  Very inflexible!

The good news is relative links work on the web version of the course.  So for now I will represent that iPad support is not avialable and not deliver iPad versions.

I have the same problem with web objects.  I havce another client with 1 TB of coruse content I developed in storyline.  Each with web objects to a backend database.  The applciation is being migrated and I have to republish EVERTHING for the new environment.



Till last week, we weresuing Articulate Presenter for eLearning course development. At present theusers/technology got upgraded and most of them using iPads, so that we decidedto publish courses from Articulate Storyline to support iPad users. As mentionedin the guidelines and most of the online suggestions we published course anddeployed from LMS.

Unfortunately the courseis not playing from iPads, only black place holder appears for the flash basedvideo files. (We have video files inside flash swf files on each pages)

As mentioned in the Articulatecommunity forum, we have installed iTunes App. Still course not playing fromiPad.

We confirmed that from our LMS vendor on “ Tin Can API” compatibility status.

 As a test run we published twoframes and uploaded into Articulate Online, same result. I have mentionedherewith the link which we used to test from Articulate online.

Please help us toresolve this issue.


MPC Ceekay