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Mar 28, 2014

A couple days ago I was having issues with my Storyline software meaning after so many minutes of using it, it would decide to crash. After a couple times of restarting the software I then noticed my Character bundle was erased from the software and am starting to notice that whenever I am I trying to add links to the file (i.e. the user clicks on an image and he/she will be directed to a website) The link does not function. Here is a simple file that I created and after publishing the course when I click on the rectangle I still don't have yahoo's home page appear.

When my software kept crashing on me it has caused all of the links within the file that I was working on not function whatsoever. I have attached a source file and web published version of the file.

Has anyone came across this issue? Do I need to have Storyline reinstalled on my computer?

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